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Highlights from BMO’s 2020 Farm to Market Conference


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BMO recently held its 15th annual Global Farm to Market Conference. We presented it as a virtual event for the first time with presentations from more than 60 public and private companies across the food value chain. Despite the uncertain environment, there was a lot of optimism about the industry’s ability to adapt.

There was a lot of information to digest at the conference and some themes stood out.

  • Sustainability— In our Sustainability Leaders podcast, John Uhren, Head, Sustainable Finance, Products and Strategy for Sustainable Finance at BMO, recently interviewed major Canadian grocery chain Sobeys: Vittoria Varalli, Chief of Staff and VP for Sustainability to discuss how COVID-19 has disrupted food security and supply chains

  • M&A — Lyle Wilpon, Head of the Global Advisory Business, shared his thoughts on the disruption in M&A activity

  • The Supply Chain —A panel discussed how the food supply chain has had to evolve during the pandemic

  • EcommerceCPG brands and retailers discussed how they saw dramatic increases in adoption over the past 3 months

  • The Restaurant Industry —One of the hardest hit industries, several experts weighed in on the need for innovation to weather this storm

Michael Cippoletti Directeur général et chef - Alimentation, produits de consommation et vente au détail


Alimentation, produits de consommation et vente au détail conférence mondiale sur les marchés agricoles

mai 18 - 19, 2022 New York


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